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Am I spying on you?

Have you heard of this new GDPR thing coming out of the European Union? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is supposed to give EU people control over their personal data. Rumours are that it will have a huge impact on newsletters, so some authors are worried. I have to say, I’m not. And not just because I live in Malaysia . The rules are written in legalese and I find them incomprehensible. However, from the very little I see, I think they are meant to force companies to give people what they sign up for and not muck them about. What they don’t want: o        You signing up for a newsletter about soap and being sent stuff about cars and loans. o        You being faced with pre-ticked boxes that commit you automatically to pesky 'special offers' and other dodgy extras. o        You signing up and having your data given away or shared with God knows who. I don’t do that.    If you're reading this, I have no clue who you are. Blogger

Life in Malaysia: When Bees Attack

Seeing we were talking about life in Malaysia, and how different it is from my home in Spain, Scotland and Holland (yes, my family is a bit mixed up) I thought you'd like to hear about my bee problem and a very remarkable man called Saiful. As I said last time, we live in Subang Jaya, a posh neighbourhood just outside of Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. People here love living in condos. This is the view when I look up the street. Me, I like to be a bit more private, so we live in a house. That red car is mine, and the truck is Sam's our neighbour. As you can see, our home is very private, thanks to our tree. Many people here cut down their trees and cement over everything. They don't like 'mess'. Me, I love the tree because it's home to lots of wildlife. For example, we have tree shrews, called tupai in Malay. These little creatures act a lot like squirrels. They run around the tree, shoving each other off branches as the