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Offering a free book: is the cleverest thing an indie author can do or the daftest?

Click here to find The Bonus by AJ Adams at your favourite bookshop FREE  A very rough transcript :-) Hello, I write crime and romance novels as AJ Adams. I'd like to talk about the practice of offering a free book, and whether this is the cleverest thing an indie author can do or the daftest. When I first heard of this, I thought it was nuts. You don't get Mario Puzo or Raymond Chandler giving away a book. It not something traditional publishing houses do, but it's standard practice for indie authors. The theory is that giving away the first book in a series means people will buy the rest. My thought was: yes, but it's not what traditional publishing houses do. It takes six months or a year to write a book. Why give it away? In fact, studies prove that people link price to value. Sell a bracelet for a dollar and buyers don't see the value in it. Sell it for twenty dollars, and they place a lot more value on it. Well, said the indie aut