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The One Thing My Bad Boys Don't Do

I've just finished the last edits for All Screwed Up, so on Tuesday, you'll be meeting Rex again. If you read Helpless, you'll remember he is the super hot money launderer for Belial's Disciples MC. As my books go, All Screwed Up is on the lighter side of dark. 2018 has been a bit of a challenge, and so I avoided another Rip who thinks flaying a nice, light afternoon's entertainment or a Rune who will raze an entire town and laugh as it burns. I wanted a softer hero and so we have Rex who enjoys a bit of arson, beats the crap out of his enemies, and who has no problem with the occasional murder. Hopefully, you're thinking, "I need to read that." Or perhaps, "The woman has problems." Either way, I love my heroes, flaws and all, but there's no doubt that some of them are a bit wild. So, I was thinking, is there anything that they won't do? And there is a surprising answer to that.  When we meet Kyle in The Bonus, my first bo