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When blurbs and descriptions just can't capture what a novel is about: a review of Jayne Lockwood's Euphoria

Blurbs and covers are supposed to give you an instant idea of what you're getting, right? Well, I've just come across a book that just isn't describable.  When I saw the blurb, gay romantic sci-fi, I thought, hmmm. And when I read it included male pregnancy, I was seriously put off. But then I remembered how much I loved Closer Than Blood and how My Boyfriend Is A Dog (written under her pen-name, S.A. Smythe) made me howl with laughter, I thought I should give it a go.   Just as well, because I was hooked by the end of the first chapter. The story starts in the future. Earth is dying but a race of visiting aliens think they might be able to go back in time and fix it. When Vardam travels back in time, he takes one look at Kurt, the man responsible for earth’s destruction, and all his tentacles are tingling. Yes, I know. it sounds flaky, right? But you have to read this because Jayne Lockwood has a seriously twisted mind - the kind that produces o

Why I'm deleting my Facebook author page

I'm sitting in the tropics so it's balmy delicious here but for those of you in the North, it's the end of summer. I am feeling a little bit end of season as well and so I'm making a few changes. Mind if I run it by you and get your input? First, I want to attract new readers to the Zeta Cartel series, so from now on, the first book in the Zeta Cartel series, The Bonus, will be sold at 99 cents. As $$$ is tight for so many of us, I'm hoping the token dollar will tempt people to try me out. And cross fingers they like me enough to read my other books!  Think it's a good idea? Or should I be doing something else? Second, I'm closing down my AJ Adams Facebook page, and shifting everything to my personal page . I'm deleting the page because Facebook won't show posts unless I pay them. I don't mind paying, but they also say my books are "unfit for Facebook advertising". You may not know this, but Facebook won't allow author