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I'm a dark romance author, and I don't hide my identity - here's why! :-)

Seeing the budget is out (Malaysia) and the election over (USA) let’s get back to important stuff: dark romance books 😊 You may have noticed that dark authors tend to hide their true identity from the public, whereas I’m right in your face about it. So, here’s the story about that. I’ve been a creative for over twenty years. I sold my first feature to the New Straits Times back in 1996 and my first magazine article to Cleo a few months later. Between 1996 and 2016 I sold more than 3000 articles to publications in over 12 countries.   I also wrote and sold some short stories. In 2013, I went back to school and took a Masters in Counselling. I already had a degree in psychology, so that was me going back to my roots. In 2015, I was finishing my studies and writing Katz Tales, a sweet feel-good newspaper column under my own name, a tech column under a pen name, and dark romance as AJ Adams. I also had a legacy in erotica writing as Storm Chase.   I kept my lives separate becau