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As an Indie author, do you want to be in on cross promotions? And some awesome KU Reads for November

Update: January 2021 - I'm out of KU But you can read The Bonus for FREE here   As a reader, I love KU because my subscription lets me read Indie authors galore, without killing my book budget. As an author, I love working with other KU authors to cross promote because working as a group makes for light hands. From the author discussions I see, cross promotions are a bit controversial.  Here are some of the common questions. Should I only work with authors in my own genre? What if the other authors have sucky reviews? What if I do all the promo and they sit about and do FA? What if I have a zillion fans and they have two? Those kinds of questions are absolutely essential if you're a known brand like Anne Rice or JK Rowling but if you're like me, and you make three to four figures a month, I think the priority is on getting your name out there. My view is this: there are millions of books out there, and you can't sell unless you're visible. About genr

How I made my book trailer for less than $15

A real video maker will probably collapse into horrified giggles at both the product and the method but if you can’t afford to hire a pro and like my trailer for Dark Hunter, here’s how I did it. First, the video Overview: Basically, you’re going to create a bunch of slides and then add fancy animations to them. When you have your slideshow, you’ll use your PC to save it into movie format. Then, you add music on top of that. You need: ·          A PC and internet connection ·          PowerPoint and Photo (both programmes come with Windows) ·          Your book covers ·          A collection of images to use - royalty free from Deposit Photos or Pixabay ·          A piece of music #1 Plan The first step is to plan how many slides you’re going to make and what information will be on each. If you have teasers, you can think of it as flipping through them to make a flip-book. Avoid my screw-ups! I started with way too much information. Keep th