Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Ruthless Sinner, the latest Zeta cartel novel, drops on 29th May 2020

I hope you're all well and safe in these difficult times. We've been in lockdown in Malaysia for 57 days now. Amazingly, I haven't killed my husband yet and he hasn't killed me.  We're watching ancient black and white films, and the cats are keeping us on our toes in terms of Tummy Rubs and Treats.

BUT I'm writing because it's ready! Ruthless Sinner, the latest Zeta cartel novel, will go live on Friday 29th May 2020.

Ruthless Sinner will be on KU. If you want to buy it, you get the special low price of 99 cents. <3

Please do share with your friends!
In 24 hours, I put it up to $1.99. The day it goes live, the price will be $2.99.

As always, I'm looking for help to get the word out. Could you please share the book link on your social media? 

I do hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I think Coop is my new favourite hero 😊

Otherwise, enjoy and hope to see you all soon.


Ruthless Sinner

Determined to get her mother the healthcare she needs, drop dead gorgeous Spirit Westcott works as a stripper, not caring that it cements her reputation as the Beauview village bad girl. But when Spirit falls foul of John Cooper, the newest member of the notorious Zeta Cartel, she loses her job.  Furious, Spirit confronts Coop–only to discover his secret drug lab. When Coop decides to save her, by disappearing her and keeping her captive, Spirit is less than impressed. However, she quickly learns that Coop has an even deadlier secret, and one that may drag her into the abyss. 

When dangerous, single-minded John Cooper learns his best friend was murdered, he resolves to exact bloody vengeance. The knowledge that his prey is a Zeta, one of Mexico's most dangerous cartels, doesn’t stop him. Coop joins the organisation, only to discover that finding his prey won't be easy. To his annoyance, sexy Spirit Westcott is also a spanner in the works. After embarrassing him in public, Coop suddenly finds himself saddled with her as an unwanted captive. Then, just as things couldn't get worse, a killer starts to pick off Beauview village girls. As Coop is drawn further into the cartel, he is forced to make decisions that may cost him his life–and that of his love.

Ruthless Sinner is a gripping tale of vengeance, murder, cartel violence and finding love in the darkest of times.

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