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What Jane Austen and I have in common, by AJ Adams, dark romance and crime author

All Screwed Up at Jane Austen and I have a lot in common. I can see you laughing but it’s true. Jane’s heroines have either lost a parent, are separated from their parents, or have parents who are dysfunctional. Just think of Emma Woodhouse’s dad who won’t go out, won’t see people and tries to keep Emma at home too. Anne Elliot’s dad is toxic, Fanny Price’s parents have given her up for adoption and when she meets them there’s a massive disconnect. Even Elizabeth Bennet who loves her dad, acknowledges he pays little attention to his daughters, and her mum who tries hard is not very bright. When your heroine has no parents, she becomes the focus. There’s no support, no guidance. It’s terrific for drama. In All Screwed Up, this month’s discounted novel, Lacey lost her mum when she was little. She loved her dad but he was party animal and that shortened his life. When we meet her, Lacey is an orphan. It’s not all bad, she has a half-sister,