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AJ Adams talks about the indie book market in 2022

  Thanks to the pandemic, books will be an affordable luxury for many, and an unaffordable luxury for others.     Click here to find The Bonus by AJ Adams at your favourite bookshop FREE Transcript Hi, I write crime and romance novels as AJ Adams. I've been thinking about the book market in 2022. I live in Malaysia, a tropical country in South East Asia. I've lived here the last 20 years. We've had pandemic lockdowns for the last two years, and for us, books have been a terrific way to relax and step outside reality. However, because of the lockdowns, a lot of people have had their income reduced. From what I read and from what my friends tell me, it is the same in other countries. It's a global problem. We're all feeling the pinch, right? Apart from a few exceptions who are running around in penis-shaped rockets, it looks to me as if books will be a luxury in 2022.   Therefore, I thought I'll offer one of my books every month at a discount. W