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#CockyGate, #TiffanyGate - It's A Scummy Business. What You Need To Know Before You Dive Into The Romance Industry

In the last few weeks, we've had CockyGate, with Faleena Hopkins trying to trademark single, everyday words in order to ban her competitors from the market, and quietly harassing and bullying other authors as well. Now we've added #TiffanyGate with Chance Carter manipulating the review system and simultaneously #Bookstuffing and running a click-to-the-end scheme in order to cheat the Kindle Unlimited programme. If you haven't already, read the excellent When #Cockygate And #Tiffanygate Collide by David Gaughran  For live updates, click here to go to twitter #GetLoud It's pretty damn sucky behaviour. However, if it's putting you off joining the industry, do please think again. Romance writing is big business, with the US market alone being worth over US$1 billion.  As you might expect, this brings out the worst in some people. But the Faleenas and Chances are a minority. I'm unknown but I've reached out to Cari Silverwood, Kitty Thomas, and Tymbe