Thursday, August 10, 2017

OMG you are the best!

So I wrote to you all and asked for advice on how to get my books noticed. WOW!  Best move I ever made because you gave me some amazing ideas!


Here's what I've done so far.... 

I've opened my Facebook page again, so please do come and Like the AJ Adams page. 

I've claimed my Goodreads author page, and would love to see you there, too. 

I've started this dedicated blog, I'm making some new covers along the lines you all suggested, I'm buying promotional tours from tips you gave me, and I'm also working on better (okay much filthier!) titles for the new stories coming your way.

I'm joining Goodreads groups, putting my books on their bookshelves and tagging them properly. 

I'm also working up more plans based on the rest of your advice, and will come back to you in a few weeks with more updates. 

In the meantime, if you see conversations or groups or bookshelves where  I'd fit, would you please mention me or add me?

And if you have a chance, could you vote for me on Goodreads book lists?

The Bonus and Beast





Again, thank you so very much. Really, I could not do this without you!  

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